John H. Trestrail III, BS Pharm, FAACT, DABAT-E

Forensic & Clinical Toxicologist

 Consultant - Author - Speaker


Is the death a murder with poison?


Here are the six critical questions that need to be answered!


(1) What substance was found in the victim that should not be there? = “method


         - qualitative analysis


(2) Is the substance in a toxic amount? = “method


        - quantitative ananlysis


(3) Were observed symptoms consistent with the substance and the amount? = “method


       - witness description

       - autopsy findings


(4) How and when did the substance get into the victim? = “method


       - by what route?

       - at what time?


(5) Who would gain from the victim’s death? = “motive


       - study the victim = “victimology

       - who had a reason?


(6) Who had access to the victim, and the toxic substance? = “opportunity


       - to the victim

       - to the poison